Sealed Unit and Window Frame Ordering Software

How it works

Customer registers and sets up an account

Your customers would register and setup their account which is then approved by you.

Places orders for D/G units or Frames

They can then log in the system where they can then place orders online including on a mobile and Tablet for either Sealed Units or it can be adapted for uPVC windows. they can order shaped units and leaded/georgian and upload drawings. An email confirmation is sent to both you and them, they can then at anytime go back and look at their order history and orders can be exported to excel.

Pay on account or Paypal online

We can customsise the parameters to suit your business and the easiest way to explain it is for you to login and try it....



As well as being the oldest webdesign company in the UK established in 1994 we also have a long history and background in the glass and glazing industry, so we have combined this with our IT knowledge & experience to create a simple and easy to use online ordering system for double glazed sealed units and uPVC windows and doors.

We wanted something that was simple and easy to use but had the flexibility to suit eitehr local tradesmen, SME's or larger companies. At the same time through these difficult times for business we wanted it more than anything to be extremely cost effective.


  • For the basic package for sealed units the cost is just £19.95pm (+VAT)
  • Allows your customers to place orders directly online
  • Customisable to suite your requirements i.e glass types, Lead/Georgian bar dimensions etc
  • Take payments online for orders, ideal for fitters out on the job
  • Add new options to the form such as priority orders
  • Customers & admin can look back on order history
  • Each unit ordered has its own reference
  • Order shaped units and allows them to upload drawings and details
  • Email confirmations sent to both
  • Customers can edit their own account details
  • Can include an email list package to email all customers newsletters
  • Runs independent on our server, or you can buy the full setup to run on your site
  • Low coste monthly rental fees
  • Nothing to pay if you are in a lockdown as part of our Covid-19 guarantee
  • No need to catch up payments if you are locked down
  • Carry on using the software while you are locked down for free
  • Order up to 14 units/frames at a time, add more by linking order
  • No hosting or maintence costs or hidden fees



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